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Please express your support for our STOP Financial Crisis 2 campaign by pledging to donate next year (2018), when we plan to begin, in earnest, our coordinated actions statewide (primarily, constituent meetings in Assembly/Senate districts) to achieve the goal of passing a resolution in the California Legislature.  We will utilize your pledges to project what our individual-donor total might be and how much we will need to ask funders for matching contributions in order to meet our budgeted needs as we plan for the final phase of the California campaign.  But, please, after you make your pledge, below, enter your email address in the box, below, so we can contact you in January, 2018, to remind you about your pledge and tell you about how you can make your donation.


Thank you for expressing your support with a pledge!


John French, founder, Republic Retooled

How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 PM PST on January 01 2018?

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