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The Non-Profit  ~  Republic Retooled is a new political-action non-profit (just a “Mom & Pop” operation for now; no board, no steering or advisory committees and no funding — we are completely independent and we plan to fund, in the near future, with individual donations, crowdfunding, etc., to maintain our autonomy).

Our Mission  ~  Realize the comprehensive reform in Washington and elsewhere in our republic that many experts recognize as being required to disconnect the undemocratic influence of Wall Street and K Street from the political process that is our nation’s governance, and reconnect an enlightened and participating citizenry (Main Street) to that process (i.e., greatly elevating the consideration, by our representatives in Washington, of Main Street priorities versus those of corporate interests, e.g., by drastically curtailing the role of campaign contributions in this process via reform).

Our Vision  ~  Revitalized democratic institutions in Washington and a much less monopolized press (as a result of reform), leading to a much more enlightened citizenry (who are participating more in the political process), which in turn should result in a vastly improved governance of our nation’s business (and that should lead to increasing prosperity, health and well-being at all levels of our society).

Our Strategic Plan (in a nutshell)  ~  Phase I: Building a national, non-partisan network of citizen activists (and, concurrently, with a bit of luck, a coalition of like-minded national organizations) in support of effective federal financial reform (such as the BWU Plan — see our Home page and other linked pages) with the goal of terminating what we believe (based on the opinions of many experts) is the most urgent, immediate threat to every American household: the next, inevitable, financial crisis.  This will be achieved via our STOP Financial Crisis II campaign (see Home page for details).

Phase II: Mobilizing, once more, the national network of citizen activists (and the coalition of national organizations?) in support of establishing some vehicle (a national referendum?  An Article V Convention?  Whatever is chosen by the network via online vote) through which Main Street will be empowered to finally realize the comprehensive federal reform we require (also to be decided by a vote of the national network).


(A note from the founder:  Fellow citizens, I ask you to please consider what is being presented above with an open mind and please also consider this…  Think about some national policy or some other issue that is a priority for you.  Now, whether that policy/issue is tax reform, or energy policy, or budget reform, or whatever it might be, please ask yourself: Just how likely is it that this policy/issue will be improved or implemented in the near future in Washington?  (Be realistic, now.)  Many — perhaps most — Americans have been waiting many years for Washington to effectively address some very important national issues.  Why?  Quite simply, because Wall Street or K Street does not share that interest with the American people.  So, there it remains — on the back burner.  For me, the last straw occurred during the financial crisis (2007-9), which put on display just how powerless our regulatory agencies and the FBI were with countering the “epidemic” (the word the FBI used — IN 2004 — to describe the fraud that was occurring nationally) of fraud in the housing market.  All of that mess, of course, ended badly with bailouts and trillions in debt and other obligations being added onto the public (our) balance sheet.  But the worst part of this is the equal tragedy that is the failure of Washington’s reform to significantly improve the safety and security of our financial markets (which today, according to many experts, are the same house of cards that they were prior to 2007 — e.g., too-big-to-fail is still alive and well).  So, yes, you bet I’m mad as heck and not going to take it anymore.  Why should I?  We know how to fix this failed/failing financial “reform” mess that we have (e.g., the Bank Whistleblowers United 60-Day Plan).  So, please — let’s set our differences aside — citizens of all political stripes — and just commit to getting this job — implementation of effective reform — done.  (Comments or questions about anything on this page?  If it’s short, please comment below.  If its not-so-short, please either send us an email (republicretooled(at)gmail(dot)com) or post your comments/questions in our Google Group forum (here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/republic-retooled ) .)

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